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I go by many names but you may call me goddess or kitty. This blog is a collection of my various kinks, my thoughts on sex and sexuality and maybe some personal posts every once in a while. This space is meant to be sex-positive, body-positive and as diverse as possible. I'm always open to requests and submissions, so don't be a stranger, k?
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Seriously. I’m completely obsessed today. Fuck.


Hi, I realize that you have no fucking idea who i am but i wanted to tell you that the guy that is sending you those hateful and hurtful messages is an utter Jack Ass. No one deserves to get something like that sent to them and i want you to know that you are a beautiful and wonderful person who should ignore that asshole, though I imagine that is what you are doing anyway.
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thank you so much for reaching out and saying that <3 I hope you don’t mind me making this public, but I really love that you did this and I wanna say something to my followers.

I’m fine. I’m okay even though a couple people told me to kill myself today. I’m still fine.

But some people would not be fine.

So two things:

Never ever ever tell anyone to kill themselves. I shouldn’t even have to say that. We should all know never to do that to another human being - you don’t know where they are in life. You don’t know if they actually will. Just. Don’t.

And if you do see someone being told to kill themselves, and you’re able/comfortable enough to reach out to them, do.  It can be so helpful to just say “hey I just want you to know that person’s just being an asshole, you definitely didn’t deserve to hear that.” I do that every time I see this happen on my dash.  If you can take a second to reassure someone, please do. Don’t just look the other direction. 

I’m probably going to get a “stop begging for attention” message from someone, but I’m not talking about myself. I’m fine. I’m still okay every time this happens, which is too frequent. 

But that’s just me.  I’m saying try to help other people if you can. 




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